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December 12, 2020  

Traditional Values - Integration

To wrap up our final podcast series, Kathrine Mullet ( Aboriginal Heritage Officer) and Celeste Ward ( Process Engineer)share ideas about how we can include Traditional Owner Values into the fire recovery process, ultimately creating healthy waterways. 

November 20, 2020  

Traditional Values - Social Well-being

How can we include traditional owner values in the fire recovery process to ensure healthy waterways? This is the second podcast out of a series of three in which Sam Weston (land and water officer) and Dyann Ross (author, researcher and community developer) have a yarn about social well-being and share their ideas.  

November 14, 2020  

Traditional Values - Fire Prevention and Land Management

'How can we include traditional owner values in the fire recovery process to ensure healthy waterways'? To kick off this three podcast series, theme one focuses on fire prevention and land management. On this podcast, special guest Jo Wallace (background in forestry) and Bhiamie Williamson (PHD candidate Australian National University) share the mic with host Loui. 

September 27, 2020  

Alec Doomajgee

Uncle Alec has a yarn and shares his knowledge and wisdom on EP 29. Tune in to experience some light bulb moments as Uncle delivers some truth telling around the history of this country. Uncle also provides some insights into the evolution of  First Nations people and his hope of humanity moving forward together as one. 

September 10, 2020  

Jess Staines

On EP 28, The Koori Curriculum is operated by Jessica Staines a Wiradjuri Woman and early childhood teacher. Jessica has worked in early childhood for fifteen years for a range of service providers in both urban and regional communities. Whilst working in early childhood Jessica naturally found herself supporting educators to become more culturally aware and confident in embedding Aboriginal perspectives in their program.

In 2017 Jessica featured on Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali platform where she advised educators in several videos on how they could begin their journey. Jessica is passionate about Reconciliation, social justice and Anti Bias and encourages all early learning services to sign up for a RAP.

In 2018 Jessica was supported by Early Childhood Australia and Educational Experience to take part in the World Forum Foundations Global Leaders Program and she later became the National Representative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Additionally, Jessica was the Boolarng programs ambassador for Educational Experience from 2018-2020. This experience allowed Jessica to network with First Nations People around the globe, learn about their programs and how we can potentially benefit from them in the Australian context.

Jessica has also written for several early childhood journals and texts including “The Anti Bias Approach in Early Childhood” Edited by Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and “The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide” Edited by Jessica Staines and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet. In addition to running and operating the Koori Curriculum Jessica is also the Co-Director of The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective which hosts a range of virtual webinars and summits for educators. @kooricurriculum

September 5, 2020  

Lucas Proudfoot

Lucas Proudfoot is a multi-platform storyteller, sharing stories through his music, books, live performances and TV appearances, and is on a mission to inspire and educate as many children across the nation as possible.
Cementing himself as one of the nation’s most versatile children’s performers, Lucas Proudfoot has been playing guitar, didgeridoo and stomp box to over 120,000 kids each year. He has been touring the country with his cultural show, Circular Rhythm for over 10 years, delivering an entertaining and contemporary Indigenous Australian music experience.
He has recently achieved the following accomplishments:

• Lucas was recently invited as a special guest on Australia’s favourite children’s program ABC Play School, where he performed four original songs as part of the program’s ‘Music in Me’ series
• Booked out for live shows nationally year on year with over 250+ shows booked, performing to over 120,000 kids each year
• Has published a five-part book series titled The Proud Foots, which is published by one of Australia’s leading education publishers
• Headline and guest appearances at a number of writers’ festivals including the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Byron Writers Festival, Whitsundays Voices Literature Festival, Kimberly Writers Festival and Somerset Storyfest, Australia’s premier youth literature festival based in Queensland
• Over the years he shared stages alongside a host of Australia’s most renowned children performers including Hi5, Justine Clarke, ay Laga’aia and Yo Gabba Gabba.
Lucas Proudfoot is committed to sharing stories through his music and his books, with the intention of inspiring young people to learn more about Indigenous cultures and the diversity and vibrancy they bring to our communities.

Find Lucas @theproudfoots123

August 30, 2020  

Matika Little

Deadly Podcasts is committed to advocating for equality and social justice. On EP 26, Loui has a yarn with Matika Little from @comingoutblak about her identity and how she and her co-host Courtney are providing a safe and supportive platform which aims to provided education and resources to empower others.

Coming out, Blak is a podcast decided to sharing the voices of Queer, Indigenous Australians today. Hosted by Matika Little and Courtney Hagen, these girls cover all things from identity, sex and relationships and even feature amazing interviews with fantastic guests.
Have a listen and be sure to follow @comingoutblak @matika_little

August 22, 2020  

Joe Williams

Joe Williams is a Wiradjuri/Wolgalu, First Nations man born in Cowra, NSW. Having lived a 15 year span as a professional sports person, playing in the National Rugby League for South Sydney Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers and Canterbury Bulldogs before switching to professional Boxing in 2009. Although forging a successful professional sporting career, Joe battled the majority of his life with suicidal ideation and Bi-Polar Disorder. After a suicide attempt in 2012, he felt his purpose was to help people who struggle with mental illness through his foundation The Enemy Within.

Joe is an author having released his own autobiography titled 'Defying The Enemy Within' and has been the recipient of multiple awards including Wagga Citizen of the Year in 2015 for his work within the community, mental health and suicide prevention sectors. In 2018 Joe recveived Suicide Prevention Australia's highest honour, a LiFE Award for his dedication and work in community and more recently was the dual winner of the 2019 Australian Mental Health Prize.

August 10, 2020  


Hi, my name is Peta & I have ancient Indigenous & Indian ancestral bloodlines running through me. I am proud of my Indigenous/Indian heritage & have practiced the ways of my old people for many years. I have a strong belief in the powers of ancient traditional healing & have shared my knowledge of it with many of my peers, colleagues, family & friends. I am very passionate about reviving traditional plant medicine, medicinal healing products & teaching cultural practices. I have done this by facilitating & delivering contemporary ceremonies, healing sessions & nontoxic products, restoring the traditional homelands of my ancestors through recycling & planting indigenous plants. My mission in life is to revive ancient traditional medicinal & healing practices passed down to me by my ancestors.

July 28, 2020  

Dwayne Bannon-Harrison

Dwayne is a Yuin Ngarrugu Descendant with connections to the Yorta Yorta Dja Dja Warrup, Watchabolic & Gunai language groups. Through ten years of dedication helping Indigenous males regain connection, healing & growth he believes this concept is giving humility & a much needed voice to First Nations males. He also is the founding director of of Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness, Co Founder of Mirritya Mundya Indigenous Twist along with being an integral member of the NSW Aboriginal Tourism Operations Council.


"I honour my old people & pay that respect to yours also" (Dwayne Bannon-Harrison).


Find Dwayne on instagram 'Bring Back the Warrior' podcast. 

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